Friday, December 23, 2005

Artist of the Week

The artist of The Week is............................................Rob Thomas

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Merry Christmas!!!!!


a little spelling lesson

One night my aunt calls me and asks me if the letter w is a vowel. I think in my head what a weird question. So I'm like, "Nope it's not a vowel." Then she says,"Well your cousin came home with a spelling paper, and it said that she spelled snowed wrong" My cousin spelled it S-N-O-W-E-D. I guess it's spelled S-N-O-W-W-E-D. Because in that word w is a vowel. I have never been taught this. Has anyone ever been taught this?

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Artist of the Week

I guess my mom hasn't really liked any of the bands and singers(except Aerosmith) I have for the artist of the week thing, so this week, the artist of the week is for my mom.
The artist of the Week is(my mom's boyfriend).......................................DEAN MARTIN!!!!!

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Its just weird...

I can find both my brothers on the internet. One I found on a random google image search. And the other is on his ex-girfriend's My Space or something like that. That is soooooooooo messed up.

Friday, December 09, 2005

The Final Act

Screeching tires, shattering glass,
Twisted metal, fiberclass.
The scene is set, it all goes black,
The curtain raised, the final act.
Sirens raging in the night,
Sounds of horror, gasps of fright.
Intense pain, the smell of blood,
Tearing eyes begin to flood.
They pull out the bodies one by one.
What's going on? We were only having fun!
My friend is missing. What did I do?
Her belongings everywhere,
In the road lies her shoe.
A man leans over me and looks me in the eyes,
"What were you thinking, son?
Did you really think you could drive?"
He pulls up the sheet, still looking at me,
"If you'd only called your mom or dad, you'd still be
I start to scream, I start to yell
But no one can hear me, no one can tell.
They put me in an ambulance, they take me away.
The doctor at the hospital exclaims, "DOA!"
My father's in shock, my mothers in tears,
She collapes in grief, overcome by fear.
They take me this house and place me in this box.
I keep asking whats happening,
But I can't make it stop.
Everyone is crying, my family is so sad.
I wish someone would answer me,
I'm starting to get mad.
My mother leans over me and kisses me good-bye,
My father pulls her away, as she screams, "WHY?"
They lower my body into a dirt grave,
It feels so cold, I yell to be saved.
Then, I see an angel, I begin to cry.
Can you tell me whats happening?
And she tells me that I died.
I can't be dead, I'm still so young!
I want to do so many things
Like sing and dance and run.
What about college or graduation day?
What about a wedding? Please- I want to stay.
The angel looks upon me, and with a saddened voice,
"It didn't have to end like this, you knew you had a choice.
I'm sorry, it's too late now, time I can't turn back.
Your life is finished-that, my son, is fact."
Why did this happen? I didn't want to die!
The angel embraces me and with her words she sighs,
"Son, this is the consequence you paid to drink and drive.
I wish you had made a better choice, if you did you'd be alive.
I doesn't matter if you beg me, or plead on bened knee,
There is nothing I can do, you have to come with me."
Looking ay my family, I said me last good-bye.
" I'm sorry I disapionted you, Dad.
Mommy, please don't crt.
I didn't mean to hurt you, or cause you any pain.
I'm sorry all your left with is a grave that bears my name.
I'm sorry all your dreams for me have now been ripped away,
The plans for my future now buried in a grave.
" It was a stupid thing to do,
I wish I could take it back.
But the curtain is being lowered now.
So ends my final act."

By Lisa Teller

faeries of neopets

my brother says i'm obsessed with neopets. it's not neopets i'm obsessed with, its the faeries.
I dont know why i like them so much. maybe it's cause they do cool things to my pets. like i said,idk!

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Sorry I haven't been on lately. I think I got writers block. If you have any ideas for topics, please tell me. Thanks.

Artist of the Week

its been a while but I got one.......P!nk!!!!!

Thursday, November 24, 2005